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Life at 25: Today I Turn 25 – A Reflective Piece by Prince Ajibola

In this monologue editorial piece, Prince Ajibola shares his thought process on his birthday (July 30th , 1991) with his readers. He opens up about the reality of his life at 25 in a bare it all reflective article of how he found himself in the quarter life crisis. The objective of this piece is to connect the reader with the personality writing the series. It’s important for the readers to know that the author is far from being perfect and he himself is on a journey of self-discovery and trying to figure out the quarter life crisis. Its honest, its deep and it promises to be a great read.

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The Quarter Life Crisis Is Real!

An exert from Life at 25 (the editorial series)

The quarter life crisis is an occurrence observed by young adults in their twenties.  This occurrence is characterized by severe anxiety, emotional highs and lows, deep reflections and some heavy soul searching leading to self-discovery and purpose. It is the tipping point in our lives where we either choose to conquer or crumble under the pressures we face in the world.

If you have never experienced such an occurrence you may consider yourself lucky but in order to be great your truth will need to speak, and who you are and what you have to offer will be questioned.

The crisis normally commences when…….

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“Life at 25” is an editorial series by Prince Ajibola, a young social entrepreneur in his mid-twenties, which promises to address the concerns and challenges we face in our twenties.

Let’s work together to conquer the issues we are facing as young adults growing up in a chaotic and hostile world.

Join us on this journey of self-evaluation and realization by sharing your quarter life crisis with us. Feel free to share your thoughts by dropping your comments in the comment box below or adding to the conversation in on Our Facebook Group: Life at 25 –

Watch this space for more editorial pieces and look out for our social media hashtags across all social media platforms (#LifeAt25)

About the author:

Prince Ajibola is a social entrepreneur who has been strategically branded as a business and brand management consultant and an emerging market expert.

During the day, He sits on the board of directors of several start-ups and works as thePrinciple Consultant of PME Lagos, while he doubles as a Writer, Creative Director, and an Event and Talent Promoter in his leisure time!

As someone who believes that one’s passion and talent can be harnessed and turned into wealth creation, Prince Ajibola enjoys the perfect balance between business and entertainment!

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