The Search for the Hottest Models in Nigeria is on! ( BB Pin: 74f9f2cc // @Model_Excel)


The search for the Hottest Models in Nigeria, both male and female, is here!

Project Model Excel is looking for the boldest and most confident models Nigeria has to offer!!!

Fashion and commercial models are urgently needed to seize various opportunities in all sectors of the economy dealing with commerciality and hospitality!

In a statement by the Managing Director of Project Model Excel, Prince Ajibola Amzat, he says….

“Throughout last year, we’ve been building our corporate profile and working on our clientele and waiting for the right time to launch out fully into the modeling world and i think that time is now! We pride ourselves on the level of commitment we hold not just to our clients but to developing and promoting our models and our determination to take the industry by storm! Our message at Project Model Excel is simple, we want people to make a living doing what they love to do best and there is so much potential in everyone to be a model and grace the pages of magazines and billboards.”

(*) Fashion Models needed
(*) Commercial Models needed (all types)
(*) Ushers needed
(*) Video Vixens Needed
(*) Party Starters & Brand Activators Needed

All models will be featured on all our social media platforms!

Please spread the word because we will not be dealing with foreign models outside our agencies!



ADDRESS: No 14, Modupe Odulami Street, Oniru-Lekki, Lagos (close to Oniru market)

Earn money by being a scout!

Contact us for more info!!!!

Thank you!

Project Model & Excel
Twitter: @Model_Excel
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BB Pin: 74f9f2cc
Tel: 07054813477 & 08122564376


The Search 300 Models commences! Get scouted for Modeling Jobs in Lagos! (@Model_Excel // 74f9f2cc)



With the growth of Project Model Excel, we will be partnering with serval advertising companies as well other talent management agencies!

In order to be as affective as possible and to make sure the frequency of job secured by our models is not stagnant, we have decided to create a database of only 300 Models who we will be working with us for one full year!

The search for 300 commences!!!!
(*) 50 Female Fashion Models
(*) 50 Male Fashion Models
(*) 100 Female Commercial Models
(*) 100 Male Commercial Models

Selected models will have to pay a sum of N3,500 as registration fee!


All models will be featured on all our social media platforms!

(25Male & 25Female Models will also be selected as our official ushers and party starters)



Dress Code: white top and black jeans!


Thank you!

For more info please contact us:
Project Model & Excel
Twitter: @Model_Excel
Instagram: projectmodelexcel
Tumblr: projectmodelexcel
BB Pin: 74f9f2cc
Tel: 07054813477 & 08122564376

Introducing PRECIOUS E. MATHEWS! A beautiful Fashion Model #PME_Models (@Model_Excel)

Introducing “Precious E. Matthews”

Currently a student & working as a model part time!
This young lady has what it takes to make it in the fashion world!

She is tall, full of charisma & energy!
& she has a warm personality!

Model Profile:
*Nationality: Nigerian
*Natural Hair Colour: black
*Natural Eye Colour: brown
*weight: 55kg
*Height: 5’9
*Bust Size:34
*Waist Size:27
*Hip Size: 36
*Shoe Size: 40

Project Model Excel Loves you!!!

Watch her as she elagantly walks away! you can tell she's a heart-breaker!

Watch her as she elagantly walks away! you can tell she’s a heart-breaker!

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Sexy! Dazzling & Unique!!! Vote for the HOTTEST Contestants in the NBSM Model Search! @Model_Excel

The Voting Has Begun!
The Quest to see who becomes the next NIGERIA’S BRAIN SUPERMODEL has begun…

Vote Now for your favourite contestants to keep them in the competition…


Female Contestants:

Male Contestants:

Anticipate the Grand-Finale coming up on Sunday October 6th, 2013 at the Scintilla Place (by Second Toll Gate Lekki)

Entertainment is guaranteed with live performances & your contestants gracing the stage in various wears!

For Ticket Bookings & VIP Reservations! Please contact Us:

Project Model & Excel
Twitter: @Model_Excel
BB Pin: 210CEED0
Instagram: projectmodelexcel
07054813477 & 08106997262


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What kind of Model are you… Read Dania Denise’s Article & Find out!!! (Follow @Model_Excel)

The Different Types of Modeling

Because there seems to be so much confusion as to what types of modeling there are out there, here is a basic rundown, including the requirements (thanks to Infiniti Models) :

High Fashion ( Runway ): This is for the tall and thin body type. This is a very strict division of modeling because all the top designers only make their new designs in certain sizes.

Fashion models mostly do runway shows, promote new clothing designs in magazines, newspapers and sometimes TV. As a high fashion model you must have a tall, lean frame and be attractive. Possessing unique, alien, exotic or prominent features is a plus, as is having strong bone structure.

Requirements: Age between 15-22 yrs old, Height: 5’8 – 6’0″, Bust: 34, Waist: 24″, Hips: 34″ or less. Average wieght 100 – 125lbs.

Promotional Modeling (Or Swimsuit / Beauty Modeling): Promotional models do just that, they promote a variety of products at events such as trade shows, malls, conventions and more. The Coors Light twins or Budweiser Girls are a good example of promotional models.

Requirements: Promotional modeling is a fairly open field with very little restrictions. Models are 5’0″ and up, 18-35 yrs old, have a great figure, very attractive and have an outgoing personality because they do a lot of speaking.

Commercial/Print: Print models represent a wide range of products and services such as shampoo, insurance company ads, cars and a lot of the things you see advertised or for sale.

Because they represent such a diverse range of products the models are also diverse in how they look. Print models can range from 4 years old to retirement age. Print is by far the largest percentage of modeling jobs in the industry.

Requirements: Unlike runway models, agency standard requirements for print models typically range from 5’5″ to 5’7″ in height. Bust: 34″, Waist: 24″, Hips: 34″ but in this particular field agencies are not as strict about having models maintain these specific measurements. As long as they are proportional and healthy in appearance, that is what counts. They have a symmetrical face, great teeth and good skin.

Petite Fashion Modeling: Petite Fashion is a division of fashion modeling for those very few models who are absolutely good looking but do not meet the height and size requirements of regular runway models. This is a very tough area to get into, especially since petite is currently not in high demand like plus size.

Requirements: Petite models are about 5’0″ to 5’5″ (although those in the industry typically consider anyone 5’7″ or under to be “petite”). Bust: 34″, Waist: 24″, Hips: 34″, Dress: 0-4 Petite.

Plus Size Fashion: Yet another division of fashion modeling but for full figured women. With a growing percentage of women wearing larger size clothing, plus size fashion is on the rise, plus consumers are pushing for a more realistic representation of the clothes they buy. This is one of the fastest growing divisions of modeling.

Requirements: Most people are under the impression that all it takes to be a plus size model is a large dress size, wrong! Plus size models are about 5’8″ – 6’0″ in height and they wear dress sizes 10 and up. They are attractive, have a proportional figure and shapely legs. In terms of measurements, an ideal example would be something along the lines of…Bust: 42″, Waist: 32″, Hips: 42″.

A letter from “FAITHFULNESS MICHAEL.” A young aspiring model who isnt afraid to show her inner TomBoy!

Dear Project Model Excel,


My name is Faithfulness Michael and am 19yrs old.

Personally i think modeling for me has to do with my sense of style, which is looking good and feeling funky at the same times, so when people see me they can actually smile and say “I like your style”…

As a tomboy I want to step out of the box and do the extra-ordinary. I want to be able to make people see modeling from a different point of view. I want to model in what i feel comfortable in and what I wear everyday.

I honestly don’t mind modeling briefs,boxers, vest, shoes, jeans & shirts, suit jackets, anything at all including ankara.

I want to do what most girls can’t do…I just want to grow with the fashion…


Faithfulness Michael