Project Model Excel, needs your support to promote & develope young creative individuals in all the sectors of the Economy

This project is driven by young aspiring individuals who are eager to promote others & use their experience to give others a fighting chance!

We work together to realize our potentials, creating an effective network that will eventually grow to dominate in the rising global economy! Our expansion spans from Nigeria – United Kingdom(UK) – United States of America (USA)

We are always looking for the next talent to join our team and continually searching for young individuals deserving to be celebrated for their creative talent and the very essence of Individuality!

Project Model Excel needs you:
#Trainers in all sectors
#Brand Concept Developers
#Musicians (vocalists & instrumentalists)
#Media Partners

email us your details with a brief introduction along with your company
Email: projectmodelexcel@gmail.com

Project Model & Excel
Twitter: @Model_Excel
BB Pin: 25C53887
Instagram: projectmodelexcel
Tumblr: projectmodelexcel
Tel: 07054813477 & 08106997262

Email: projectmodelexcel@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Project-Model-Excel/476354465744238

Website: http://www.projectmodelexcel.wordpress.com


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