A letter from “FAITHFULNESS MICHAEL.” A young aspiring model who isnt afraid to show her inner TomBoy!

Dear Project Model Excel,


My name is Faithfulness Michael and am 19yrs old.

Personally i think modeling for me has to do with my sense of style, which is looking good and feeling funky at the same times, so when people see me they can actually smile and say “I like your style”…

As a tomboy I want to step out of the box and do the extra-ordinary. I want to be able to make people see modeling from a different point of view. I want to model in what i feel comfortable in and what I wear everyday.

I honestly don’t mind modeling briefs,boxers, vest, shoes, jeans & shirts, suit jackets, anything at all including ankara.

I want to do what most girls can’t do…I just want to grow with the fashion…


Faithfulness Michael